Water Distillers USA offers a complete line of water distillers, water filters and water filtration systems
including non-electric water distillers, solar water distillers, gravity water filters, ceramic filters, ceramic water filters,
agua pura, agua purificada and agua salud designed for home, commercial, industrial, dental and medical use.


electric water distillers
distiledoras electrica

solar water distillers
destiladoras solares

solar panel water distillers
destiladoras con panel solar

fire-fueled water distillers
destiladoras con fuego

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home water distillers
uso domestico

dental water distillers
para dentista

commercial water distillers
uso comercial

industrial water distillers
uso industrial

We carry the leading water distiller products including Durastill, 
Polar Bear and PureWater water distillers; Precision, Ecowater and 
Genesis water distillers; West Bend, Mountain Stream, and ClearChoice 
water distillers and products from many more water distiller manufacturers.

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What to Look for When Buying Water Distillers

Brand Name Water Distillers
It is important to buy a water distiller from a reputable company with a sound line of brand names.  Buying a well known water distiller will last 25 years or more with only minor upkeep and maintenance.  Small water distiller companies often carry lesser known brand water distillers and often go out of business.  Buying water distillers from these companies creates the possible problem of not finding spare parts in the life of your water distiller. There are five big names in water distillation products worldwide: Polar Bear water distillers, Durastill water distillers, West Bend water distillers, Pure Water water distillers, and Precision. Each has over 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of water distillers and a successful financial record to back it up.

Production Rate of Water Distillers
Production rate is the specification that measures the rate at which water is produced through the water distiller.  Water distillers range from 3 gal/day (1gal/8hrs) to 12 gal/day (1gal/2hrs) and more for commercial application water distillers.

Types of Water Distillers
Water distillers are either Manual water distillers, Semi-Automatic water distillers or Automatic water distillers. Manual water  distillers produce one gallon of water at a time due to limitations of the distiller's boiling chamber size.   While automatic water distillers are connected directly to the water line and can continually produce distilled water.

Water Purity of Water Distillers
Distillation, the process of removing contaminants from water, removes 98%-99.9% of distilled water contaminants producing distilled water.  The distance between the boiling chamber and condensing coil along with the construction material is determinate of a water distiller's ability to remove impurities.

Water Distiller Baffle Distance - When water boiled it is first converted to wet steam and then to dry steam through water distillation.  Contaminates rise with wet steam, but not with dry steam.  The longer the distance between the boiling chamber and the condensing coil produces more dry steam resulting in purer distilled water from your water distiller.

Water Distiller Construction - The best construction material is surgical quality stainless steel. 

Water Distiller Storage Containment - The best materials for water distiller storage is stainless steal or glass. While glass maintains a high level of water purity, it is not as durable as stainless steal, which is why it is not the most reliable storage container used by the water distiller.